Best metal/hard rock album covers 2009

Hello and happy new year 2010!

Here goes my first post judging album covers from 2009. This is not supposed to be top albums – it´s just covers. Some of these bands I´ve never even heard of but as we all music lovers know sometimes you pick up an album by it´s cover. Sometimes you don´t buy it – because of it´s cover. Dont you?

I´ve browsed through hundreds of releases from last year and ranked them with following categories:

  1. Top 10 – The best of the best albums
  2. Bubblin Under – Some really good looking covers almost in top 10
  3. Funniest/WTF? – What have they been thinking…
  4. Typography – Interesting picks where there is only text elements used

So here we go, you don´t have to agree with me as we know all these “top 10-something” lists usually get people frustrated.

TOP 10


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